Florida Students Organize School Protest Against DeSantis’ Education Agenda

Zander Moricz of Sarasota disobeyed his school by advocating for LGBT rights in his graduation speech the previous year.

In the struggle against the bill he and others dubbed Don’t Say, Gay, he earned national notoriety for his speech about what it’s like to be discriminated against due to having curly hair.

Florida Students Organize School Protest Against DeSantis' Education Agenda

With a call for a student walkout on Friday, he is attempting to revive teen action one year later.

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“Black, queer, trans, and female-identifying people and their histories are the targets of government censorship. Our governor has forgotten that students have rights,” In a statement, his organization Walkout 2 Learn said.
“We’re here to remind him.”
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More than 300 schools‘ worth of students intend to take part. According to Florida Phoenix, they have the backing of the Florida Democrats.

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