Fort Myers High School Coach Accused of Utilizing Racial Slur

An investigation is being conducted regarding a baseball coach at Fort Myers High School. That’s because an assistant allegedly used a racial slur.

The reason why the head coach hasn’t been fired is a mystery to the district. The players’ parents claim it was because the team was in disarray.

On February 14, the assistant coach’s message began, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” before using a racial epithet.

Fort Myers High School Coach Accused of Utilizing Racial Slur

After 24 hours of receiving that communication, the district confirmed the coach’s dismissal from his post to WINK News. The message was simply the tip of the iceberg, parents of players told WINK News.

Describing how the team’s coaching staff was a key source of conflict. The team’s first seven games of the season were losses. Each setback increased the coaching staff and team’s mounting annoyance.

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Over two months after the racial insult incident, the district reported coach Kyle Burchfield was fired from his position as head coach at Fort Myers High School on Wednesday.

The club played a baseball game later that day. Yet, because the level of annoyance was so high, some of the players left the field in the middle of the game, which resulted in the team losing.

Parents of players informed WINK News that Fort Myers High School’s principal promised to set up private sessions with each baseball team family to discuss the team’s future. Nevertheless, there is currently no set time or location for those meetings.

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