Highland High School Fight Arrests Students With Loaded Firearms

THE CITY OF SALT LAKE — On Monday, three students were taken into custody after bringing loaded pistols into the Highland High School campus, which led to a brief confrontation.

Around one afternoon, school security notified a resource officer that a suspicious car was parked on the school’s premises, according to the Salt Lake City police department.

Highland High School Fight Arrests Students With Loaded Firearms

After some time, the resource officer observed three persons inside the automobile, and as the officer approached them, they all attempted to flee the scene.

Two kids from Highland High School are said to have entered the school building and then attempted to leave as quickly as possible, prompting the resource officer to seek additional assistance, as reported by the police.

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After what the authorities described as a “short struggle,” the officer was able to apprehend both of the teenagers, and it was discovered that both kids had loaded firearms on their person at the time.

The third suspect, a student at East High School, was eventually located after a brief search and taken into custody after the discovery.

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The two students found to have g*ns were reportedly taken into custody by the police and put into the Salt Lake County Juvenile Detention Center. The third student was released to a legal guardian.

One of the g*ns found in the home had been reported stolen. The authorities are investigating the purpose of the student’s actions and how they obtained the firearms.

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