Hillside High Students Confer With State Leaders On School Safety And G*n Violence

On Tuesday, many students from Hillside High School gathered in Raleigh for a confidential discussion with state leaders to explore the most effective strategies for addressing school safety and g*n violence issues.

The gathering takes place towards the conclusion of the school year, which was marred by numerous incidents involving threats and firearms on campuses around our region.

To meet with State Superintendent Cathy Truitt, the event was held in the Department of Education Building in the downtown area shortly after 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

WRAL News was not permitted inside the meeting that lasted an hour and a half, but the students reported that they better understood their goals and felt their opinions were heard.

Hillside High Students Confer With State Leaders On School Safety And Gun Violence

“We definitely heard other perspective I believe this was a very productive conversation,” said Aniyah Lowe, another of the students present during the discussion that was taking on.

Some schools around the state have implemented lockdown procedures this year in response to students bringing firearms to school. In February, two students attending Hillside High School were shot.

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In February, students from Hillside High School staged a play called “State of Urgency,” which focused on the issue of g*n violence in educational settings. Superintendent Truitt was spotted in the crowd on multiple occasions during its run.

The performance left Truitt feeling so affected that she decided to ask the pupils to talk the following Tuesday.

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“One things she did give us were points that were clear talking about how they would intervene and use funds to intervene at a school level how they would step in with training.” Tiffany Agerston, who teaches drama at Hillside, shared her thoughts.

A sentiment that numerous students shared.

“[It’s about] asking sure teachers have training, and the resources to better equipped our students with mental health, and help them emotionally [and] being able to go provide a safe space for students,” according to Taryn Melvin, yet another student at Hillside.

The youngsters also had a message for their classmates: to participate.

“I believe that students should join, more clubs, more activities, so we won’t be out causing trouble,” remarked Shayla Beulah, a different student from Hillside.

Following their meeting with Superintendent Truitt, the students from Hillside made it clear that they are dedicated to continuing these discussions in the future.

They intend to use the play “State of Urgency” to instigate others to look for alternate solutions by performing it for them.

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