How Stabbing Outside Pinecrest Hs Leaves The Student In Critical Condition

N.C.’s SOUTHERN PINES Before the first day of classes at Pinecrest High School on Friday, someone was hurt.

Families received word from the principal Stefanie Phillips that an “incident” occurred in the auditorium parking lot. She continued by saying that although the school had briefly been in a “modified lockdown,” all pupils were safe and present. Since then, the lockdown has been lifted.

The assault was what Moore County Schools called the incident. The student was stabbed in the parking lot, according to the Southern Pine Police Department.

How Stabbing Outside Pinecrest Hs Leaves The Student In Critical Condition

According to Moore County Schools, the suspect is being held. According to ABC11, the person was transported to UNC and is in a critical state.

The balance of the day was spent at school according to the regular routine.

A parent and a student spoke to ABC11 about the stabbing.

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“I pray the condition of the child she’s ok. He or she. I’m not sure,” parent of a Pinecrest High School student, Brittany Labston. “It just makes you feel bad when you send your kids to school thinking they’ll be safe at school and this type of thing happens.”

“It’s beyond me. I mean you come to school every day to get your education and have fun with friends. Kids get stabbed at school. It’s unacceptable. You just never know. So crazy nowadays,” said one student.

Moore County Schools includes Pinecrest High School. Off Voit Gilmore Lane in Southern Pines is where you can find it.

One day prior, Middle Creek High School was locked down after a student brought a BB gun onto campus. Although no students were hurt, the 17-year-old who brought the weapon is now being prosecuted for minor offenses.

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