Investigation Launched By Police Following B0mb Threat At Milton School

MILTON, Vt. – The authorities investigated the possibility of a b0mb at the Milton Elementary School on Wednesday afternoon.

Written in a school bathroom at 12:40 p.m., officials from the school state that the threat was discovered. They assert that the school’s resource officer and the police were informed of the situation.

Investigation Launched By Police Following Bomb Threat At Milton School

Because Wednesday was an early release day, buses were already at the school when students were dismissed. This allowed for expedient transportation to where parents could pick up their children.

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A mom named Sara Kattam expressed her satisfaction with how the school engaged with the community to ensure that everyone remained secure.

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“My hurry to come over was more to make sure that they felt okay and that they knew that mom or dad is here to pick them up. I feel better having them here. Now we can go home and debrief,” she added.

The threat is being investigated, and authorities are still examining the building; however, no solid proof of any actual danger was uncovered.

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