Is Portland The Cool City in North America?

Portland is the trendiest city in North America. Betway Insider examined “various factors, including the number of microbreweries and the rate of record stores” to determine “the ‘coolest’ cities.”

Portland was ranked first because it is “home to a staggering 110 record stores, 188 microbreweries – 35% more than second-placed Seattle (139) – and 301 tattoo parlors, second only to New York City (388)”


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There are some concerns regarding this rating right now. It claims to rate cities across North America. However, it appears to have solely considered cities in the United States and Canada.

Some cities, such as San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, which tops Travel & Leisure’s list of The 25 Best Cities in the World, may disagree. Travel+Leisure also placed Mexico City and Oaxaca in the top ten.

Is Portland The Cool City in North America?

The Pacific Northwest was well-represented on the Betway Insider list of coolest and trendiest cities.

Seattle ranked fourth on the list. Vancouver, Portland’s northern neighbor, ranks 15th on the list of coolest cities. Vancouver, British Columbia, was ranked tenth.

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