Is Pressley Harvin III Related to Percy Harvin? Uncovering the Connection!

Is Pressley Harvin III Related to Percy Harvin? The question of whether Pressley Harvin III is related to Percy Harvin has piqued the interest of football enthusiasts and fans alike.

Both individuals have made their mark in the world of football, with Pressley Harvin III emerging as a talented punter for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Percy Harvin earning recognition for his career as a wide receiver in the NFL.

However, the nature of their relationship, if any, remains a mystery. In this article, we delve into the available information to shed light on this intriguing query and uncover any potential familial ties between these two athletes.

Is Pressley Harvin III Related to Percy Harvin?

As of the available information, there is no confirmed relationship between Pressley Harvin III and Percy Harvin.

They do not appear to be related, and there is no official source or statement supporting any familial connection between the two.

While they share the same last name and have both made a mark in the world of football, any potential family ties remain unverified.

Is Pressley Harvin III Related to Percy Harvin?
Is Pressley Harvin III Related to Percy Harvin?

Who is Pressley Harvin?

Pressley Harvin III is an American football punter who currently plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League (NFL). Before going pro, he showed off his skills in college football while representing Georgia Tech.

During his college years, he achieved something remarkable by earning unanimous All-American honors. In his senior year, he even bagged the prestigious Ray Guy Award, which recognizes the top punter in college football across the nation.

In the NFL, Harvin’s journey began when the Pittsburgh Steelers selected him in the seventh round of the 2021 NFL Draft. This marked a big step in his career, moving from being a college football star to the professional league. With a strong track record and exceptional punting skills, Harvin has the potential to make a significant impact in the NFL, especially as an asset to the Steelers and their special teams unit.

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Pressley Harvin III: From College Star to NFL Punting Sensation

Pressley Harvin III had a fantastic start to his punting career at Georgia Tech, where he became their main punter right from his first year.

In his debut season, he led all Division I freshmen with an impressive average of 44.1 yards per punt and earned recognition as a third-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) member. His sophomore year was even better as he was named a second-team All-ACC player.

As a junior, Harvin continued to shine, punting for a total of 3,583 yards with an average of 44.8 yards per punt. However, it was during his senior season that he made history. Harvin broke both school and ACC records with an astonishing average of 48.0 yards per punt, earning him a well-deserved first-team All-ACC title.

He also achieved unanimous first-team All-America honors and created history by becoming the first African-American player to win the prestigious Ray Guy Award, which recognizes the nation’s top collegiate punter.

In the 2021 NFL Draft, Harvin was chosen by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the seventh round as the 254th overall pick. He signed a four-year rookie contract with the team, and he eventually became the starting punter during training camp.

Harvin made his NFL debut in the Steelers’ first game of the season against the Buffalo Bills on September 12, 2021, punting impressively five times for a total of 207 yards in their victorious 23–16 game.

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Who is Percy Harvin?

William Percival Harvin III is a retired American professional football player, and he’s best known for his career as a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL). Percy’s football journey began in college when he played for the Florida Gators and played a vital role in their BCS National Championship victories in 2006 and 2008.

He made his entry into the NFL through the Minnesota Vikings, who selected him in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft. Throughout his career, Percy also played for the Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, and Buffalo Bills. His incredible talent was evident from the start, as he was named the Associated Press Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2009.

One of his major career highlights was winning Super Bowl XLVIII with the Seahawks in 2013 when they defeated the Denver Broncos. Before his college and professional football journey, Percy showcased his skills at Landstown High School in Virginia Beach, where he played a crucial role in their high school state championship win in 2004.


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Percy Harvin’s NFL Journey

In February 2009, Percy Harvin found himself in a big controversy when he tested positive for marijuana during the NFL Combine. This raised concerns among some NFL teams, and they decided not to consider him in the draft.

Fast forward to the 2014 season when Harvin joined the New York Jets. He faced a challenge in picking his jersey number because many iconic numbers were already taken. Eventually, he chose to wear the number 16.

During his single season with the Jets, Harvin had 29 receptions out of 52 targets. He gained 350 yards and scored one touchdown. He also made an impact in rushing, with 110 yards from 22 attempts.

Additionally, he handled kickoff returns, totaling 495 yards. However, his time with the Jets ended when the team acquired Brandon Marshall, and Harvin was released in March 2015.

Afterward, Harvin joined the Buffalo Bills for the 2015 season, signing a one-year, $6 million contract. Unfortunately, injuries plagued his season, and he was placed on injured reserve in November. By the end of the season, he had 19 catches for 218 yards, a touchdown, and 31 rushing yards.

In April 2016, Harvin initially retired from the NFL, citing the need to recover from injuries, but he didn’t rule out a potential return. However, he surprised everyone by making a brief comeback with the Buffalo Bills in November 2016 due to injuries to other wide receivers.

But his return was short-lived as he struggled with severe migraine headaches, which led to another retirement announcement in March 2017, marking the end of his NFL career for the second time.

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