Juvenile Trial Ordered For 15-Year-Old In Fatal Sh00ting At Arlington High School

Texas’s ARLINGTON — A Tarrant County judge’s decision will prevent a kid accused of sh00ting a pupil deαd outside an Arlington high school from being tried as an adult. The teen will instead be charged in juvenile court, the judge decided.

On March 20, 2023, shots were fired at Lamar High School just before the start of the school day. A 16-year-old boy was ki!!ed, and a teenage girl was wounded by g*nfire in her face.

The teenage girl who survived testified at a hearing before Judge Alex Kim. The court ordered the media to refrain from naming the victim.

Juvenile Trial Ordered For 15-Year-Old In Fatal Shooting At Arlington High School

”I went to touch my face to relieve the pain I felt and I brought my hand down and there was blood in my hand,” She spoke with the judge.

Doctors, according to her, were unable to get the bullet out.

“Because the bullet went so deep into my cheek it could not be removed at the time of my surgery, so it’s still inside my face,” she stated.

To convince Judge Kim to transfer the case of the alleged 15-year-old sh00ter to adult court, prosecutors called witnesses. They presented the judge with the sh00ting video.

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“When he rounds the corner, he already has a shotgun in his hands, and he immediately points it towards the group of students and fires,” prosecutor Lloyd Welcher said.

The primary detective also gave testimony. “What do you think were his intentions? To go to the school and shoot people.” 

According to the prosecution, the juvenile defendant posed a threat to the public and should have been tried as an adult, where he might have received a sentence of up to life in pr!son. His potential sentence in juvenile court is 40 years.

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Additionally, the defence team called several witnesses to attest that their client has been a model pr!soner since his detention. In testimony, his probation officer.

“Overall, yes I said he’s doing well in detention, and he’s not been problematic as a resident,” stated juvenile probation officer Bob Lewis.

His attorneys say a youth pr!son could help him recover.

“Even though his charges are serious. He’s exactly the type of kid that the juvenile justice system is designed to handle,” stated defence lawyer Lisa Hedrick.

After hearing from both parties, Judge Kim retained the matter in juvenile court.

“As a judge, I firmly believe in rehabilitation of juvenile offenders, instead of automatically sentencing them as adults,” Judge Kim stated.

Despite the enormity of the offence, the judge stated that he believes in youngsters’ ability to change their ways and be given another chance.

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