Kellerberrin Manhunt Ends Fatal Workplace Shooting Culprit Apprehended!

A man died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, ending an hours-long police standoff after he is suspected of killing a colleague in a grain silo in Western Australia.

Initially, it was thought that ambulance volunteer Lachlan Bowles, 25, had suffered critical injuries as a result of the self-inflicted gunshot and had been airlifted to hospital. WA Police, however, confirmed tonight that he died at the site.

Officers invaded Kellerberrin this morning following reports that a camouflaged man shot and murdered local parent Terry Czernowski at a grain silo at about 8.40 am (10.40 am AEST).

This is said to have happened in front of colleagues. Czernowski, a father of one in his 40s, was confirmed dead by police, and the homicide squad was investigating.

The deceased is recalled as a “valuable member of the Kellerberrin community.” Bowles was eventually discovered in a field about 20 kilometers west of Kellerberrin after a five-hour manhunt.

Negotiators had been dispatched to the scene and had been speaking with him for several hours in an attempt to mediate the issue. Hundreds of police officers from as far away as Perth came to the town.

Kellerberrin Manhunt Ends Fatal Workplace Shooting Culprit Apprehended!

At least one more car was fired while the situation occurred. The driver was not hurt, but his automobile was damaged, and the incident left him frightened. Bowles was a licensed firearms holder, including for a weapon capable of shooting up to three kilometers.

Tony Downs of Kellerberrin Pie Shop and Bakery said he saw the alleged shooter yesterday at his shop. He characterized him as a quiet and softly-spoken man who kept to himself, saying he had “nothing untoward” about him.

“He came in and got his lunch, and everything was fine, and then (to) have this unravel clearly, something has gone horribly wrong somewhere,” he explained.

The (alleged) shooter actually received an award from the community on Australia Day two years ago for being a volunteer ambulance driver.

Kellerberrin Manhunt Ends Fatal Workplace Shooting Culprit Apprehended!

Since this morning, this incident has been rapidly evolving. Police have been negotiating with a 25-year-old man for several hours, and the outcome is undoubtedly devastating for everyone involved.

Peter Mitchell, a resident, “never in a million years” anticipated this to happen. I feel bad for his parents; they are lovely people who are well-liked everywhere. Czernowski was also popular.

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Terry has a young girl at the school, and he was in here on Friday talking to us about how wonderful his father’s day was, Mitchell explained. Schools and businesses were closed, and residents were advised to stay indoors. The bus driver said he couldn’t pick up our kids. It’s terrible, it’s just a horrible situation,” a resident previously.

Regional WA Commander Rod Wilde said the tragedy would be damaging to the little town. I want to thank members of the general public for their assistance on this difficult day.

We believe the two men were acquainted and worked together in Kellerberrin. Residents can get help, according to Kellerberrin Shire CEO Raymond Griffiths.

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