Kevin McCarthy Holds Off On Supporting Gun Control Laws, Awaiting All The Facts

When asked by CNN on Wednesday if he would support additional laws to stop gun violence, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy declined, stating he wanted to see “all the evidence.”

Mr. McCarthy’s remarks follow the Monday shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, which left three adults and three children, all under nine, dead.

“We want to see all the facts, we need to get the facts,” Mr. McCarthy said.

Kevin McCarthy Holds Off On Supporting Gun Control Laws, Awaiting All The Facts

Yet, after being shot and critically hurt in 2017 by a Bernie Sanders fan, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise resisted calls for Congress to enact gun control laws.

“I really get angry when I see people try to politicize it for their own personal agenda, especially when we don’t even know the facts,” he said.

Republicans in the House often oppose legislation that they believe would limit gun ownership. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia attempted to place the blame for the massacre in Nashville shortly after it occurred.

“It’s not about their identity,” she said. “What kind of hormones are they on? What kind of medications are they taking for mental illness? What is causing this aggression in this biological female who identifies as a male for them to go in and murder children?”

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One of the most vocal advocates for gun safety, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, told The Independent on Monday that passage of new legislation could be more challenging under Republican leadership of the House of Representatives.

“I think America wants to see where people stand on some of these issues, whether it be, whether it be universal background checks or assault weapons, so we’ll continue to talk about what path forward we have on compromise legislation,” he said on Monday.

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