Las Vegas High School Student With Autism Attacked And Carved With Swastika

The FBI is reportedly preparing to get involved in the unsolved case of a Jewish autistic student who was attacked by a cruel anti-Semitic person at his Las Vegas high school and had a swastika carved on his back.

After her nonverbal 17-year-old son returned from Clark High School on March 9 with the hatred sign engraved on his back, the teen’s upset mother called the police, according to NBC News on Saturday.

The mother removed her son from school after alleging that the equipment bag for his service dog had also been tampered with.

But the vicious offenders go unnamed and unpunished because the school lacks surveillance cameras in the classrooms, locker rooms, and restrooms.

Las Vegas High School Student With Autism Attacked And Carved With Swastika

“My son is the only student I know who wears a Kippah at the school,” The mother mentioned a sort of yamulka that Jewish men and boys customarily wear last week when speaking to

The mother and her son are still unknown.

Nearly two months later, with the case still unsolved, the FBI declared itself prepared to join the investigation.

“We are aware of the incident and are in regular contact with local authorities,” the agency said. “If during the local investigation, information comes to light of a potential federal civil rights violation, the FBI is prepared to investigate.”

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The Israeli-American Council expressed indignation over the anti-Semitic attack, labeling it “inhumane.”

“The Israeli-American Council was appalled to learn that a Jewish teen may have been targeted in such an inhumane anti-Semitic attack,” Shoham Nicolet, the co-founder and CEO of the council, spoke to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “We urge authorities to investigate this incident to the fullest.”

The Clark County School District condemned the assault in a statement to the Review-Journal.

“We will not tolerate discriminatory behavior that contradicts an inclusive community and impacts student safety and well-being,” the statement said. “If anyone has any additional information related to this case, we urge them to contact school police immediately.”

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