Lightning Strikes Cause 50 Small Fires To Break Out Across Oregon

Over 1,500 lightning strikes happened from the Southern Oregon border up to Northern Oregon on Thursday, 24, 2023, Night and Friday morning, sparking up to 50 minor-scale fires that workers were reacting to as early.

Our initial attack crews have been, for lack of a better word, just pounding through these different fires as fast as possible to contain them, Jessica Prakke, a public affairs manager with the Oregon Department of Forestry.

To keep them nice and small and to get them out as quickly as possible because we expect some East winds.

Lightning Strikes Cause 50 Small Fires To Break Out Across Oregon

Fire conditions are predicted to worsen over the weekend as hot, dry weather arrives and the easterly winds that have regularly aggravated fire conditions. The US Forest Service reported 1,633 lightning strikes in Oregon and 505 strikes in Washington.

With this in mind, ODF and Prakke urge people to avoid engaging in harmful behavior that could spark other fires.

We are urging Oregonians to practice wildfire prevention actively. The fewer human-caused fires our firefighters must respond to, the less our resources are taxed.

Lightning storms will likely continue through the weekend, with staff on standby to deal with them as they arrive.

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