Man Wanted for Four Killings in Georgia Shot and Killed by Police!

During an exchange of gunfire, officers shot and ki!!ed a man wanted in four-weekend deαths outside Atlanta. In contrast, a sheriff’s deputy and a police officer were hurt while attempting to apprehend the culprit.

Andre Longmore, 40, was shot amid an extensive manhunt, according to Henry County Sheriff’s spokesperson Syntonnia Moore. The exchange of gunfire occurred a day after bullets rocked a peaceful Hampton community south of Georgia’s capital.

Moore said law enforcement ki!!ed Longmore in a nearby Clayton County region, and that a Henry County sheriff’s deputy and a Clayton County police officer were hurt in the arrest attempt. Moore stated that she had no information on the cops’ current status.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Van Grady verified the exchange of gunfire, adding Longmore, “He fired on law enforcement and they returned fire.” Before sh00ting the suspect, he declared that the manhunt was over, adding that “the threat posed by Mr. Longmore to the public has been eliminated.”

Man Wanted for Four Killings in Georgia Shot and Killed by Police

On Saturday morning, Longmore was wanted on four counts of m*rder in connection with the deαths of four people in the Hampton area of Dogwood Lakes. Police have not revealed the motivation for those sh00tings.

On Sunday, the subdivision crawled with cops and Hampton Police Capt. Chaundra Brownlee said investigators aggressively sought the public’s assistance and “looked into each tip provided” as they sought Longmore.

Sheriff Reginald Scandrett of Henry County had previously stated that his agency offered a $10,000 prize for information leading to the suspect’s arrest and prosecution.

On Sunday, Frankie Worth, a neighbor who witnessed part of what happened in the subdivision the day before, recounted the danger up close. He told The Associated Press that he heard a gunshot Saturday morning while going for his living room window to open the blinds and assess how much yard work he needed to perform.

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Worth explained that he ducked “just for a second.” He then returned his gaze to the window. “You know, when you get incoming, you’ve got to know where it’s coming from,” Worth, a Marine Corps veteran, said.

According to Worth, a neighbor named Andre was standing in the center of the street, when witnessed the man’s hands jerking from the recoil of a silver revolver.

According to Worth, the man looked to have fired at a little white automobile driven by another neighbor, “an older white gentleman,” who lives across the street. He claimed the incident occurred on the outskirts of their cul-de-sac.

Worth assumed he was watching a road rage incident, but the man moved intentionally. “He didn’t appear angry, upset, or agitated,” stated Worth.

Worth claimed Longmore looked to consider whether he needed to shoot again and then “started walking casually” toward the subdivision’s entrance before taking a “brisk stride.” Worth claimed he raced upstairs, witnessing Longmore vanish beyond some trees while he dialed 911.

After that, Worth claims he heard no more gunshots. Longmore escaped in a black GMC Acadia SUV after the incident, according to police, and was being sought.

Hampton Police Chief James Turner told reporters on Saturday that investigators were looking into at least four crimes in Dogwood Lakes, where at least three police cars remained in the area Sunday, preventing access.

Police did not immediately identify the victims. According to public records, Longmore lived roughly 25 miles south of downtown Atlanta and has around 40 properties on two streets that encircle a lake.

Longmore drove through Ron Foster’s and his neighbor’s yards, breaking many ornamental windmills and leaving tire marks visible in the grass a day later, according to Ron Foster, who lives on the main road outside the neighborhood gate. Foster was inside his house when he heard the metal crunch of the destroyed windmills.

“What was going through that man’s head after he did everything he did?” Foster was perplexed. “It was unreal.”

Foster was unaware that numerous individuals had been shot then but said he received a call from a former police officer acquaintance.

“He called and said, ‘Ron, y’all stay in or go somewhere,'” I explained. Foster replied, “We did.”

People took measures on Sunday while Longmore was still at large.

Security team members were approaching unusual automobiles in the parking lot and keeping doors locked during Sunday services at the adjoining First Baptist Church of Hampton.

The Atlanta Motor Speedway, Georgia’s NASCAR racetrack, is in Hampton. The 8,500-person town has also benefited from Georgia’s film industry boom.

According to a database by The Associated Press and USA Today in collaboration with Northeastern University, the sh00tings were the 31st mass homicide of 2023, ki!!ing at least 153 people.

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