Memphis Jewish School Incident Police Shoot Gunman, Victim in Critical Condition!

On Monday, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, an officer-involved sh00ting occurred outside a Hebrew school in Memphis.

Officers from the Memphis Police Department were summoned to the scene just before 12:30 p.m. Monday at the Margolin Hebrew Academy-Feinstone Yeshiva of the South on South White Station Road, according to MPD Assistant Chief Don Crowe.

Crowe stated that an armed guy attempted to enter the school, and when he could not, he fired at the school.

“Thankfully, that school had a great safety procedure and process in place, and avoided anyone being harmed or injured at that scene,” he said. “We cannot thank the people from Hebrew Academy enough for their vigilance and ability to get information to us.”

School administrators could offer police a description of the individual and his vehicle. Police discovered the car, a maroon Ram pickup truck, and pulled him over.

Memphis Jewish School Incident Police Shoot Gunman, Victim in Critical Condition

“He immediately emerged out of the vehicle with a gun in his hand,” Crowe added. In response, the cop shot the victim, who was rushed to Regional One Health in critical condition.

Crowe stated that MPD alerted Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation about the sh00ting and that the TBI had taken over the investigation.

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Officers are currently examining the area at the school, according to Crowe. Still, it is “too early in the investigation” to say if the man attempted to commit a hate crime against the pupils.

“Today is a great example of vigilant, vigilant officers trying to protect the city,” he explained. “I personally, truly believe that we have avoided a tragedy. I think the suspect was going to harm somebody before the day was over, and that our officers were able to intervene and protect the citizens.”

The individual has not been charged with any crime, nor have police identified him.

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