Miki Matsubara Death: What Was Her Age When She Passed Away?

We regret to inform you that on October 7, 2004, Miki Matsubara, a Japanese composer, songwriter, and singer from Nishi-ku, Sakai, Osaka, Japan, passed away. Her friends and family were devastated by her passing. You will find all the details on Miki Matsubara and her passing in this post.

What is Miki Matsubara’s Cause of Death?

2001 saw the revelation that Matsubara’s late-stage cancer diagnosis had an impact on her behaviour, and she subsequently received treatment. Matsubara fought her sickness for her last years.

Matsubara’s uterine cervix cancer problems caused her death on October 7, 2004, despite her doctor giving her only three months to live. Public knowledge of her passing came to light two months later. Her family was distraught by her passing.

At Which Age Did Miki Matsubara Die?

Miki Matsubara Death
Miki Matsubara Death

At the age of 44, Miki Matsubara passed away on October 7, 2004, in Kishiwada, Osaka, Japan, where he was born on November 28, 1959. Hiraoka Town, Sakai, Osaka’s Nishi-ku, was the place of her early years.

A mother, a younger sister, and a father comprised the family she grew up in. Her father was a hospital board member, and her mother was a jazz vocalist who had played with the Japanese jazz band and comic company Crazy Cats.

Matsubara started learning the piano when she was three years old and finally got to know jazz. When she was younger, she went to Sakai City’s Hiraoka Elementary School before enrolling at Poole Gakuin Junior High School in 1972.

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Matsubara started to enjoy rock music at this point and joined the band “Kurei.” In 1975, she enrolled at Poole Gakuin High School and became a keyboard player for “The Yoshinoya Band.” They would play songs in Kyoto’s Takutaku live music venue.

Matsubara was a standout student in her nearby neighbourhood, so many people assumed she would attend college; but, at the time, she had already made plans to pursue her dream of becoming a singer.

When Matsubara was still a high school student, she went to Tokyo by herself to make her singing debut in 1977. During her life, she worked extremely hard. We send our sympathies to her friends and family. In the box below, you can express your care for her family as well.

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Does Miki Matsubara Have a Husband?

On November 28, 1959, Miki Matsubara was born in Kishiwada, Japan. She composed music and was well-known for Miki Matsubara: Mayonaka no Door – Stay with Me (2023) and El Club Lento (2022). She and Masaki Honjo were wed. In Sakai, Japan, on October 7, 2004, she passed away.

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