Mylon Lefevre Obituary: The Christian Music Legend Dies at 78

Mylon LeFevre was a well-known American Christian rock vocalist best known for his work with the band Mylon and Broken Heart. His efforts in the Christian music industry won him a well-deserved induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Mylon’s career was defined by his persistent attempts to travel across the United States, where he passionately ministered, taught, and sang, making an indelible effect on the lives of countless people.

Mylon’s influence expanded beyond live performances, as he appeared on television networks such as TBN, Daystar, and Victory Channel. His presence on these platforms enabled him to reach a larger audience, sharing his religion and music while inspiring viewers with strong messages of hope and salvation.

Mylon LeFevre’s legacy lives on in the worlds of Christian music and ministry, where he is remembered as a revered figure who dedicated his life to sharing the gospel via his distinctive musical talents and unshakeable devotion to his religion. In this post, you can read about Mylon Lefevre’s Obituary and his cause of death.

Mylon LeFevre Obituary

Mylon LeFevre, who was renowned as a pioneer in the field of Christian music, passed away suddenly at the age of 78. Within the realm of Christian music, Mylon had a place of reverence and was one of a kind. His Obituary has not been disclosed. In addition to his talents as a musician and songwriter, he was widely recognized for the sincerity and stability of his religious beliefs.

Mylon LeFevre Cause of Death

Mylon LeFevre, a significant person in the Christian music industry and church, died on September 8th, 2023. After a lengthy battle with cancer, Mylon LeFevre died, leaving behind a tremendous legacy that continues to inspire generations of Christian artists and Christians.

Mayon LeFevre wife said on Facebook, quoting from 1 Timothy 6:12: “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold of eternal life, to which you were also called, and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.”

Mylon LeFevre maintained his faith despite a long and difficult struggle with cancer. He stood firm in his assertion that “JESUS IS MY HEALER,” expressing his testimony and faith in every broadcast and church session.

He fought the good battle of faith until his dying breath, finishing his race and preserving the faith, as described in 2 Timothy 4:7. Christi LeFevre expressed her profound love and appreciation for her husband, reflecting on their 25 years together and the honor of having his company.

Mylon LeFevre Parents

Mylon LeFevre was born on October 6, 1944, in Gulfport, Mississippi, into The LeFevres, a family with a deep legacy in Southern gospel music. He was Eva Mae and Urias LeFevre’s youngest son. Mylon’s upbringing in this musical dynasty surely shaped his enthusiasm and ability for music, especially in the Christian rock genre.

Eva Mae, his mother, was a pivotal player in gospel music history. She not only contributed to The LeFevres’ musical legacy, but she also established her own. Eva Mae’s notable accomplishments include being inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1978 and being the first woman to be honored in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 1985. The LeFevre family’s enormous influence on gospel music, as well as Mylon’s later career, underscore the family’s enduring legacy of faith and song.

Mylon LeFevre Early Life

Mylon LeFevre’s childhood was defined by his love of music and his journey into the worlds of gospel and contemporary Christian music. He was born into the legendary Southern gospel family, The LeFevres, as a child, where he would later discover his own musical vocation. Mylon had a natural interest in music from an early age, and as soon as he was old enough, he joined his family in singing and playing guitar.

His route to musical stardom, however, was not without difficulties. He risked expulsion from a private religious high school as a teenager as a result of his father’s decision to have him accompany the family during their performances. Mylon’s musical talent and enthusiasm emerged during this time, as he wrote his first song, “Without Him,” at the age of 17.

Mylon Lefevre Obituary
Mylon Lefevre Obituary

While stationed in the Army at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, he played “Without Him” at the National Quartet Convention in Memphis, completely ignorant that the renowned Elvis Presley was in the audience. This encounter led to Elvis recording the song for his album “How Great Thou Art,” catapulting Mylon into the spotlight of the music business.

Despite early setbacks, such as being expelled from school and serving in the Army, Mylon LeFevre’s determination and musical aptitude paved the path for a successful career in Christian music.

His entry into mainstream music with albums like “Mylon, We Believe” was a watershed point in the emergence of “Jesus Rock,” as he attempted to praise God and bridge the gap between contemporary music and Christianity. Mylon’s musical path was marked by creativity and a strong desire to share his Christian message with a wider audience.

Mylon LeFevre Career

Mylon LeFevre’s music career has been defined as a dramatic journey packed with both artistic achievements and personal developments. He joined Columbia Records in the early 1970s and founded the Holy Smoke Doo Dah Band, collaborating with prominent musicians such as Eric Clapton, Elton John, Billy Joel, Duane Allman, and others.

During this period, his music was distinguished by a blend of rock and gospel influences, establishing him as a pioneer in the developing genre of “Jesus Rock.” During this time, one of his most remarkable triumphs was the album “On the Road to Freedom,” which was produced by Alvin Lee and recorded with prominent performers such as George Harrison, Ron Wood, and Steve Winwood.

However, Mylon’s career was fraught with difficulties, particularly his battle with drug addiction, which resulted in a near-fatal heroin overdose in 1973. This life-threatening situation drove him to seek therapy and, eventually, to overcome his addiction.

After attending a concert by the Christian music group 2nd Chapter of Acts in 1980, Mylon LeFevre experienced a significant spiritual shift. He prayed and embraced Jesus as the Lord of his life, inspired by their commitment to faith and music, marking a watershed moment in his career.

Mylon Lefevre Obituary
Mylon Lefevre Obituary

Mylon returned to his childhood church and began the process of terminating his music contract, claiming that his conversion was an “act of God.” This change resulted in the foundation of his Christian band, The Gathering Ground Band, which eventually went by the names Airborn and Broken Heart. The band published numerous albums and won a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance by a Duo, Group, Choir, or Chorus in 1987.

Mylon and Broken Heart continued to make albums and tour extensively over the years, with their music growing to include themes of faith and worship. Mylon’s dedication to music and service was unwavering, and his band members went on to pursue diverse careers in the music and church worlds.

Mylon launched a solo career in the 1990s, releasing albums that represented a more spiritually focused and introspective manner. Along with his musical endeavors, he and his wife, Christi, became well-known speakers and pastors, traveling to a variety of churches and events to share their beliefs and teachings. His son-in-law, Peter Furler of the Christian band Newsboys, produced his latter music release “Bow Down” in 2003.

Mylon LeFevre’s career might be described as an extraordinary journey of musical inquiry, spiritual growth, and a strong commitment to sharing his religion with others. He left an unforgettable mark on the world of Christian music and ministry, from the heights of secular rock to the depths of addiction treatment and spiritual regeneration.

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Mylon LeFevre Net Worth

Mylon LeFevre’s income has mostly come from his musical and preaching careers. Mylon LeFevre’s net worth or net income is estimated to be $1 million – $3 million dollars. Mylon LeFevre has made money from selling music albums and singles. This contains both his early secular rock music and his Christian music CDs recorded with Mylon and Broken Heart.

Mylon has made a lot of money via live performances, concerts, and tours. He traveled extensively to offer his music and message, making money through ticket sales and merchandise sales. Mylon’s creative talent resulted in the invention of several successful songs, including “Without Him,” which Elvis Presley recorded. Songwriting royalties from these pieces have helped him supplement his income.

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Mylon LeFevre Wife

Mylon LeFevre, a well-known Christian musician and minister, had two important marriages. His first marriage was to Frances Taylor, his high school sweetheart, with whom he had a deep bond. However, the twists and turns of life eventually led them astray, resulting in their divorce.

Mylon’s affection and shared experiences throughout their time together will definitely remain an important part of his personal history. Mylon LeFevre married Christi LeFevre after his previous marriage and began a new path of love and togetherness.

Christi became his committed life and ministry partner, sharing the joys and hardships of his musical career and spiritual service. Her farewell to Mylon after his death highlighted the intimate link they shared, emphasizing the honour of being entrusted with his company for 25 years. They worked together to communicate the message of faith and hope to countless people, establishing an enduring legacy of love and devotion to their faith.

Mylon Lefevre Obituary
Mylon Lefevre Obituary

Mylon LeFevre Children

Mylon LeFevre, a well-known Christian rock singer and minister, has four children, each of whom is a part of his life’s journey. His first marriage to Frances Taylor produced three children, the names and details of whom are not stated in the available sources. These children, born during his early years, surely have a special bond with their father, having witnessed his musical career and spiritual development.

Mylon LeFevre began a new chapter in his life after his first marriage failed when he married Christi LeFevre. They completed their family by welcoming a daughter into the world. While specifics regarding his children are unknown, it is apparent that Mylon’s love and commitment extended to both his prior and current families, as he shared his faith and music with them and the world, leaving a legacy of inspiration and spiritual growth. Stay tuned BLHS News for more updates.


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