Nashville Christian Musician Recounts Personal Experience of Covenant School Shooting

Tennessee’s NASHVILLE – Brandon Heath, a Christian musician, gave his own heartbreaking account of the Covenant School tragedy.

Heath disclosed that his two girls would begin attending Covenant Elementary School in the fall.

“It’s a very small private Christian school that sits on top of a beautiful hill in Green Hills,” Heath said in an Instagram post. “Not many people know about it honestly. It kind of flies under the radar as a really special place for kids to learn.”

Nashville Christian Musician Recounts Personal Experience of Covenant School Shooting

He claimed that after learning of the incident, he stepped outside to his front porch and became quite sick with sorrow.

A welcome gift package with a note from the school was then visible to him.

A mother from the school, he claimed, had delivered the bag to his door at 10:41 in the morning, according to the doorbell camera. She was unaware that her family was running from a shooter at the time.

Heath stated that adjustments must be made following the shooting.

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“I say all this to say that this kind of tragedy can happen anywhere,” Heath said. “The world needs Jesus. I need Jesus tonight as I try to forgive this shooter for shattering the innocence of children and stealing the lives of six people.”

Heath claimed that he has been making an effort to focus his rage on the true adversary, “Satan.”

“He will not win. We will not be afraid,” Heath said. “There is a Covenant that God has made with his children and it’s not that the world would be safe, but that He would be with us in it.”

Heath created a song demo in response to the shooting for his buddy Matthew Sullivan, the pastor at the Covenant School, following the incident. The song was shared by Heath on his Instagram account.

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