Nashville School Shooter’s Mysterious Notes and Anklet!

Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a 28-year-old trans artist slain by police after opening fire on a private Christian primary school in Nashville, Tennessee, covered her clothes in scrawled messages before her fatal assault in late March.

The report acknowledges Hale’s identification as a trans male but classifies her as female. According to the autopsy, she was carrying a dagger etched with her chosen name, Aiden.

Months after police revealed a bodycam video showing responding officers apprehending the shooter amid the assault at the Covenant School, Hale’s cause and manner of death were ruled to be homicide by gunshot wounds. She experienced bruises and abrasions, as well as “minor” blunt force damage.

However, the report offered new information regarding the attack, such as the discovery that Hale’s garments were covered in scrawled notes, drawings, and numbers. According to the report, Hale also wore a plastic anklet with the inscription “508407.”

Nashville School Shooter's Mysterious Notes and Anklet

It’s unknown what was scrawled on her garments, and the news comes as the city confronts public records lawsuits demanding the release of Hale’s manifesto and other writings, which were found at the crime site and at her parents’ house.

According to Fox News Digital, the assassin slept with journals about earlier school shootings under her bed, and investigators seized dozens of notebooks and drawings, including two “memoirs” and a hand-drawn map of the Covenant School.

On March 27, Hale stormed in and started fire on helpless pupils and employees, murdering three adults and three children.

Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake stated that Hale had an unidentified emotional disorder and that the contentious manifesto was shared with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia.

The victims were all nine years old: Hallie Scruggs, the pastor’s daughter at the school church, Evelyn Dieckhaus, and William Kinney. Head of School Katherine Koonce, 60, custodian Michael Hill and substitute teacher Cynthia Peak, both 61, were among the ad*lts.

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The forensic pathologist also discovered a scar across Hale’s forehead, but none on her wrists. The toxicology report revealed no evidence of drug or alcohol use.

Dr. Emily Dennison performed the autopsy on March 28. Hale stood 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighed approximately 120 pounds.

According to the investigation, one bullet traveled through both lungs and Hale’s spine, right to left, back to front, and slightly downward, going through one arm on its way out. A second round entered the shooter’s head from the back to the front, right to left, and upward. A third grazed Hale’s femur, shattered, and exited in two locations, moving right to the left.

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