New Details On The Covenant School Shooter’s Manifesto Revealed By TBI Director

Tennessee’s NASHVILLE — Exclusive new information has emerged on the purported manifesto that the Covenant School shooter left behind.

Officials have not yet made the information written public. Yet, TBI director David Rausch openly discussed the manifesto’s contents during a Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association gathering.

According to Rausch, what the police discovered was more like a collection of disorganized texts indicating no specific reason than a manifesto outlining a target.

Detectives investigated the Covenant School shooter’s house in Nashville and took several handwritten journals, several films, and computer hard drives, among other items.

New Details On The Covenant School Shooter's Manifesto Revealed By TBI Director

The material has not yet been thoroughly analyzed, but according to Rausch, the killer did not address any particular political, religious, or social themes. Idolizing those who committed earlier school shootings is a central theme in the diaries.

She seems to have followed their example in plotting for months before acting alone.

Former FBI agent Scott Augenbaum claims that police, the TBI, and federal agents will all be diligent.

“We have teams scouring the internet, social media, talking to friends, seeing what the motivation is for this. Who was behind this, what kind of clues we can learn from this?”

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Undoubtedly, more information will surface. But as of right now, according to Rausch, it doesn’t seem like the gunman had any political purpose or was trying to target a particular person or faith. Thus far, it’s unclear why something is happening.

Conspiracy theories fuel a lot of rumors and unproven assertions. Yet, no one of these has yet been supported by reality.

The alleged manifesto or journal writings should eventually be made available so that people can judge for themselves. The papers are still being carefully examined by the FBI’s Quantico, Virginia-based Behavioral Analysis Unit, and Metro police.

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