Oregon City Code Enforcement Personnel Available for Weekend Response

The number of Code Enforcement officers in Oregon City has increased, enabling them to patrol the streets seven days week.

Oregon City commissioners supported increased staffing during the budget process earlier this year because they wanted to include weekends on the Code Enforcement schedule.

Additional funds were granted to boost manpower to an acceptable level allowing seven-day-a-week patrols without sacrificing coverage on other days.

“We have a good crew of dedicated Code Enforcement officers, and we’ve been able to add a few more to the team to meet the commission’s goal on time,” said Ryan Kersey, the division manager.

Oregon City Code Enforcement Personnel Available for Weekend Response

The Oregon City Police Department’s Code Enforcement Division responds to citizen complaints about noise complaints, parking infractions in residential areas, poor property management, and other issues affecting the quality of life.

After training, the newest officer started working the streets on August 1. The department has addressed dozens of citizen concerns during that period and provided weekend services thanks to the increased number of workers. The locals have well embraced the new schedule, claims Kersey.

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“They valued the quicker response on weekends because it reduced wait times compared to the past. Residents have expressed gratitude that we can now respond to safety and livability concerns regardless of the day of the week,” he said.

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