Oxford High School shooting: Fresh Evidence Unveils Crumbleys’ Guilty Consciousness

Michigan’s OXFORD -More information from a case filing supports the prosecution’s claim that the parents of Oxford High School gunman Ethan Crumbley were careless before the attαck.

Since the November 30, 2021, incident, prosecutors have maintained that James and Jennifer Crumbley acted exceptionally carelessly. They are suspected of having purchased Ethan, the g*n used in the school sh00ting, just days earlier.

Messages About The Mental State

Messages between Jennifer and Ethan and Jennifer and James previously provided by the prosecution demonstrate that Ethan’s parents had concerns about his mental health at least eight months before the sh00ting and had discussed it with them.

More communications between Jennifer and James that reveal they addressed Ethan’s mental status in March 2021 are included in the new court document that delves more into that accusation.

FOX 2 Detroit shared a tweet about the same incident on its Twitter handle:

In a message to James on March 8, 2021, Jennifer expressed her “freaking out” over being unable to reach Ethan after school. She was also annoyed that James had not picked up Ethan “because he’s upset and I don’t want him to do anything stupid.”

According to the prosecution, this demonstrates that the parents were informed of their son’s mental suffering.

Reaction To Disturbing Drawings

According to the filing, Jennifer allegedly admitted to a reporter that she “didn’t even look at them closely” when asked about the horrific pictures Ethan drew on a math test before the sh00ting. She allegedly added that my biggest concern was that he would turn the p!stol on himself.

Oxford High School shooting: Fresh Evidence Unveils Crumbleys' Guilty Consciousness

“Such fear only highlights the foreseeability of their son using the murder weapon—whether it be on himself or others,” Attorneys wrote.

Before the sh00ting, a teacher found the drawings and called Jennifer and James to the school. After these drawings were discovered, the parents decided against taking him home.

G*n Purchase

Prosecutors also mentioned that as the parents left the scene following the sh00ting, they removed the receipt for the g*n James is said to have bought for Ethan. When they were found in Detroit, authorities said they had the permit.

“Defendants’ flight and the taking of the receipt for the murder weapon during such flight provide an inference of their consciousness of guilt,” prosecutors wrote.

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Last year, Ethan entered a guilty plea and said he had given his father the cash to buy him the firearm.

James and Jennifer Crumbley filed an appeal with the Michigan Supreme Court last month, asking for the charges against them to be dropped. With four charges of involuntary manslaughter, they are both accused.

According to the prosecutor, these are the formal accusations given that the parents failed to keep the g*n away from “their troubled minor child.”

The defence attorneys contend that while the parents’ actions might have been viewed as poor parenting, they were not the direct cause of the deαths and are requesting that the case be dismissed.


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