Peter Leary Obituary: A Beloved Member of Fairfield!

Peter Leary Obituary: Peter Leary was a beloved member of our town in Fairfield, Connecticut for many years. His passing has left us all feeling very sad.

Peter was known for being a kind and generous person, and his friendly nature left a lasting impact on everyone he met. There’s no one quite like him, and we’ll miss him deeply.

A Dedicated Community Member

Peter Leary was an important part of our community. He did a lot to make our town better. He was always ready to help, whether it was organizing local events, assisting at charities, or simply being friendly to everyone he met. He truly made a difference in our community.

Peter Leary Obituary
Peter Leary Obituary

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Our Thoughts Are with His Family

Our condolences and thoughts go out to his family, especially his wife, Lois O’Leary, who passed away not too long ago. We want the O’Leary family to know that we are thinking of them and sending our heartfelt sympathies during this difficult time.

Finding Strength in Prayer

During times of grief, we turn to prayer to seek comfort and strength from God. Together, let’s participate in this tradition and wish Peter and Lois O’Leary eternal peace and serenity. May their love and the memories they shared inspire us, and may their souls find peace in heaven.

A Lasting Legacy

While we’ve lost a valuable member of our community, those who had the pleasure of knowing Peter Leary will always remember his kindness and dedication to our town’s growth. Instead of being sad, let’s be grateful for the many lives he touched and the love he shared.


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