Police Report: Two Men Attempt To Lure 14-Year-Old Girl With Candy From Van In Tecumseh

Texas, Oklahoma — Tecumseh parents are on high alert after police claim two males attempted to entice a girl to them using candy in a black van or SUV.

According to Tecumseh police, two guys in a black van or SUV approached a 14-year-old girl as she was walking to a friend’s house on Wednesday after school.

“One of the males got out of the vehicle and asked her some questions,” Tecumseh police chief J.R. Kidney said. “The other man showed her some candy and tried to get her to come towards the van.”

Police Report Two Men Attempt to Lure 14-Year-Old Girl with Candy from Van in Tecumseh

According to authorities, the youngster went to her friend’s house and dialed 911. They’re both described as Caucasian dudes.

Investigators said the man who exited the van had a braided beard secured with a pink hair tie. He wore a white baseball cap and jeans with red side stripes.

“She took off and ran to a friends house,” Kidney said. “They followed her towards the friend’s house and that was basically the end of our incident yesterday.”

A black van was seen a few hours after the Tecumseh incident 35 miles away in Holdenville.

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“The person in the Holdenville area said the vehicle was watching kids,” Kidney said. “We don’t believe there was any attempt to take a child but they were in the area watching kids.”

According to Holdenville police, the van left before they arrived. Parents and school districts are being urged to exercise caution by investigators.

“We have made contact with our school superintendent and advised him of the situation,” Kidney said. “He has notified elementary schools and staff to be on the lookout, especially when the kids are on the playground.”

Nobody was harmed.

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