Portland Man Convicted of 4 Women Murder Found Lifeless!

A person was hurt in a shooting at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland on Tuesday, 22 August 2023 night. Around 9:30 p.m., there was a large police presence between Southwest 5th and Morrison.

Witnesses reported hearing one gunshot and seeing the shooter move down the street. They claimed they contacted 911, told dispatchers where the suspect was, and assisted police in apprehending the guy.

One individual was held for additional investigation. The man was rushed to the hospital, but officials believe his injuries were not life-threatening.

Last month, a serial murderer who pled guilty to killing four people in the 1980s and 1990s and received time served in a plea deal was found dead in his Portland home.

Homer Lee Jackson III was discovered dead at his house on North Emerald Avenue by his sister. He had recently been unwell and weighed barely 75-80 pounds. There is no evidence of foul play.

Portland Man Convicted of 4 Women Murder Found Lifeless

Last January, Jackson pleaded guilty to the murders of four young women in the 1980s and 1990s: Tonya Harry, Angela Anderson, Latanga Watts, and Lawauna Triplet.

All of the women were victims of s*x trafficking. Jackson was imprisoned for six and a half years while awaiting trial before being sentenced to time served and three years probation.

Jackson was also charged with the murder of Essie Jackson, who was discovered dead on March 23, 1983, but the charges were eventually dropped.

Portland Parks & Recreation routinely failed to follow proper procedures when removing boats from public docks in 2022, illegally seizing and destroying six private boats from city-managed ports and providing boat owners with inaccurate information about when their boats could be seized.

The unlawful tows impacted vulnerable and marginalized community members, including some living on their vessels.

The investigation began in October 2022 when a boat owner submitted a complaint. After investigating the complaint, the Ombudsman determined that Portland Parks towed the person’s boat without waiting a minimum of 10 working days, and the boat was destroyed immediately rather than being kept for 30 days.

The Ombudsman suggested that the city change its boat towing protocol to ensure compliance with city code and state law and that boat owners be informed of their right to file a responsibility claim. The city agreed to the recommendations.

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