River Bluff High Principal And Family’s Car Accident In Hawaii

On June 29, the community prayed after learning that a local principal and his family had been involved in a severe car accident.

Jacob Smith, the principal of River Bluff High School, and his wife and three children were involved in an automobile accident while on vacation in Hawaii, according to a statement to parents from Meg Huggins, the academic dean for innovation at the school.

“We have heard that some of the family members may have injuries,” She composes.

“We know you may have additional questions, but this is all we know at this time. We will update you as soon as we are able.”

River Bluff High Principal And Family's Car Accident In Hawaii

Lead Pastor John Reeves led prayers during a hastily assembled vigil at Lexington’s Radius Church and mentioned that one of the kids suffered highly severe wounds.

State Representative Chris Wooten stated on Facebook that the family was hit head-on the night before while on vacation and asked for prayers.

Jacob and Crystal Smith have been partners and members at the church for several years, Groups Pastor Jeremy Simmons told the Chronicle.

If you want to know more about Jacob Smith and his family, then let’s check out this Twitter post:

“We love the Smiths a whole lot,” Simmons said “They’ve been an incredible part of our family community here. And obviously, they’re really loved by the greater Lexington community with all the folks here from the high school from other churches. You know, Jacob and Krystal, they wear public hats and we just want to be able to support the public and we’re just praying with them, joining with them.”

According to her Facebook page, Crystal Smith runs the speech-language, feeding, physical, and occupational therapy clinic Moondog Therapy.

As of June 28, the family is shown on the page taking advantage of Maui in photos and videos.

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In 2021, Smith received a promotion to become River Bluff’s principal. He had previously worked as an assistant principal for six years.

“I don’t know about y’all, but ‘good God’ isn’t really what I have on my mind,” Reeves, the senior priest said, admitting the hopelessness and shock that follow horrific tragedies.

“I’m wondering, ‘What is God doing?’ So it’s good to go back to what the Bible says about God and what he says about himself. I remind myself that he’s good. And then I go to him. “

“Right now, we’re going to go to him like a good father, like he’s sitting at the end of the dinner table and I can ask him for the desires of my heart,”  Before leading the congregation in prayer for the Smith family, Reeves continued.

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