Heat-Induced Modifications To Portland Public School Athletic Team Timetables!

Temperatures in the triple digits are forecast on Tuesday, and Portland Public Schools is adjusting athletic team practice times.

Adjusting practice times is one of the most significant changes at Ida B. Wells High School. To avoid high temperatures and for the safety of the children, the cross-country team rehearsed in the morning rather than the afternoon on Tuesday.

“As a staff we talked about how we can be proactive with our student athletes and families about come hydrated. Stay hydrated, stay out of the sun as much as possible,” Athletic Director Mike Nolan said.

These decisions are determined using the Oregon School Activities Association Heat Index Scale, which is displayed below.

Heat-Induced Modifications To Portland Public School Athletic Team Timetables

“I’m trying to be very proactive in spreading the word about.” “Hey, if you’re tired or overwhelmed, stop,” Nolan said.

The cross-country team practiced in 90-degree conditions rather than later in the afternoon, when temperatures are projected to hit 101.

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“It’s been rough, but we’ve been getting through it really well. It’s definitely really hot on the track so we try not to practice too much on the track, so we go around the neighborhood which is pretty nice,” says sophomore Jane Coffey-Read. “We just did hill repeats today so after every hill he sprays us and he brings our water bottles.”

According to Nolan, the football team practiced with sprinklers on Monday night and moved their practice time from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday night, when the weather cools down.

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