Elementary School Staff Member Faces Charges For Bringing Loaded G*ns To Minneapolis School

MINNEAPOLIS –An employee at an elementary school in Minneapolis is being investigated by the authorities after it was reported that he took two loaded firearms to school in April.

According to a criminal complaint, a student discovered the firearms inside Derrick Lind’s bag on April 23 at Loring Community School. The school was the location of the discovery.

He is accused of possessing a hazardous weapon on school property, storing firearms in a reckless manner, and carrying a p*stol without a permission. These charges have been brought against him.

Elementary School Staff Member Faces Charges For Bringing Loaded Guns To Minneapolis School

The initial count is classified as a felony, while the remaining two counts are considered to be serious violations of the law.

According to the allegations contained in the lawsuit, Lind was nowhere in the vicinity of the bag when the student discovered it. The student’s firearms were taken away by police when a teacher seized the student’s backpack from them and told authorities about the situation.

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However, prior to that, a member of the school’s crisis management team discussed the situation with Lind. According to the allegations, Lind stated that it was his and that he did not want to leave it in his vehicle because his vehicle does not have a locking mechanism.

Lind was informed by the other staff member that he was required to leave the institution and that the firearms could not be returned to him under any circumstances. According to the lawsuit, Lind became enraged before departing and “trashed a room” in the house.

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The complaint alleges that surveillance video from the school shows Lind exiting his vehicle with the bag and strolling around the school with it. The video was obtained from the school.

According to the authorities, Lind does not possess a license that allows him to carry a firearm.

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Lind is currently being held in the Hennepin County Jail on a warrant for his arrest, but he was previously charged with an offense. His initial appearance is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, and it will take place in court.

In a statement, the Minneapolis Public Schools claimed that “while data privacy laws do not allow us to provide additional information related to the incident, we are following law and district policy in ensuring the safety of our schools.”

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