Wildfire Discussion between Sen. Wyden, Congresswoman Hoyle, And Local Officials!

Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Congresswoman Val Hoyle (D-Ore.) of Oregon’s 4th congressional district met with fire officials to discuss Oregon’s recent wildfires.

The Flat, Bedrock, and Lookout fires have burned over 60,000 acres and forced widespread evacuations across the state. The current wildfires in Canada have allowed other legislators to witness what Oregon is going through.

Wildfire Discussion between Sen. Wyden, Congresswoman Hoyle, and Local Officials

When they were dealing with the air quality we deal with every summer, the senator and I used it as an opportunity to let our colleagues know this is what we deal with every year, making it real.

This visibility strengthens the case for other Washington officials and is hoped to lead to increased aid for climate-related calamities. Senator Wyden stated that smoke from Canada was coming down to D.C., casting additional light on the wildfire situation.

Look at the tweet posted by the Offical account of Val Hoyle:-

It was hugely important, stated Senator Wyden. And, you know, the fact is that Congress is finally recognizing the gravity of the climate threat.

Sen. Wyden stated they focus on raising awareness about fires, climate change, and wildfire prevention. He and Hoyle believe they can persuade Democrats and Republicans to support combating fires and climate change.

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