Stephen Hilton Divorce: Why Did He and Laura Clery Break Up?

Following the recent announcement that Laura Clery and Stephen Hilton were divorcing, people are rushing to find out more about their relationship. After eleven years of marriage, Laura and Stephen are well-known due in part to their regular social media content collaborations.

Many people are curious to learn more about the reasons behind the divorce and whether there were any indications of instability in their relationship now that we know they’re splitting up.

Why Did Stephen Hilton and Laura Clery Break Up?

Stephen Hilton Divorce
Stephen Hilton Divorce

Following her initial denials that they were divorcing, Laura recently created the podcast series Idiot, where she explored the problems in her marriage. According to Laura, Stephen’s refusal to modify his lifestyle and cut back on his drug usage was negatively affecting both their mental health and the well-being of their two children, whom they are raising together.

Even without Stephen’s drug usage, their relationship was failing, and this contributed to the breakdown of their marriage. Throughout her videos, Laura alluded to this tension by implying that she was treating Stephen more like a business partner and establishing limits that felt almost like a prelude to their eventual split.

You can see the tweet provided below:

Laura and Stephen Discussed Their Breakup in a Youtube Video

in a YouTube video that the Idiot feed also released as a podcast episode. During the 45-minute conversation, they discuss their divorce. They talk about their political differences in the first few minutes, as well as how Stephen’s latest content has shifted to the far right.

Regardless of her personal views, Laura generally states that she is not his mother and is not accountable for anything he posts. Explaining that she has not been watching his content in part because she doesn’t want to know his views on political issues, Laura says during their conversation:

“We’re co-parents and we’re friends, and that’s how I want to keep it,” 

Although Stephen’s content is contentious due to its extreme right attitude and harsh opinions of trans people and the Biden family, he claims in the interview that this was not the main cause of their breakup.

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Throughout the film, the couple discusses instances when they might have been hanging out together but chose not to, demonstrating their obvious growing apart from one another. It is evident, therefore, that both Laura and Stephen had a period of separation and that they came back to each other out of mutual respect.

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