Superintendent Reports High School Student Shoots Himself In Texas School

ROSCOE, Texas Authorities say a teenager shot himself on Monday morning inside a high school in Texas.

Roscoe Collegiate High School received a number of police agency responses.

The unnamed student, who was reportedly in ninth grade, is in severe condition. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the student separated himself, and no other pupils were at risk.

Superintendent Reports High School Student Shoots Himself In Texas School

“There is no threat to the school what-so-ever,” said Sgt. Marc Couch. “The student that was on campus today in regards to this incident only injured himself. There was no attempt or any acts of violence toward any student here.”

The superintendent’s remark was made public by Sweetwater City:

“Please be informed that earlier today a student attempted to take his own life and no one else was hurt. The student is currently at the Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital in Sweetwater. At this time, his condition is unknown. Parents, please know everyone else at RCISD is safe. I would like to stress our RCISD community, that our people within our facilities are safe. Moreover, RCISD is working with multiple agencies within Nolan County in order to further secure our people and facilities. We are currently working on a reunification plan for our students and parents/guardians. The reunification plan will take some time, we ask for our parents cooperation.”

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An eleventh-grade pupil claimed to have heard the gunfire in the classroom.

“When I first heard it, I thought a table had folded onto itself,” he said. “I walked out there, and I figured out what was happening.”

He sought to hide the student, who was on the floor and surrounded by teachers, from his fellow classmates after understanding what he had heard.

“I was telling everybody to come back in and stuff and just kind of standing and waiting until I was told to do something else,” he said.

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