Suspect Arrested After One Fatality And One Injury In Texas School Shooting

Texas’ ARLINGTON — On Monday morning, a student opened fire at a school in the Dallas region, killing one student and injuring another before being taken into custody on suspicion of capital murder, according to authorities.

According to police and school district representatives, the shooting started at a high school site in the Arlington suburb at 6:55 a.m., before many students arrived for the first day back to school following spring break.

Arlington police chief Al Jones reported on Monday that a male student who had been shot had passed away at a hospital and that a female victim had been “grazed” by shrapnel and suffered non-life-threatening wounds. He balked at disclosing their ages or grades.

Suspect Arrested After One Fatality And One Injury In Texas School Shooting

At a news conference in the afternoon, Jones reported that a second male student had been detained on the spot and charged with capital murder.

The alleged gunman is a youngster, therefore, the police chief declined to identify him, but he was claimed to be being held at a nearby juvenile prison facility.

According to Jones, the shooter fled the scene without ever entering Lamar High School and was apprehended “within minutes” by responding police.

He claimed that while authorities had found a gun used in the shooting, the shooter’s motivation and the source of his weapon were still unknown.

The shooting started just before the police were scheduled to report for duty, according to Jones, and none of the regular police officers assigned to the school were present.

Anita Foster, a spokeswoman for the Arlington Independent School District, said that although the campus was locked down during the shooting, arriving kids and buses were diverted from it before classes were scheduled to start.

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Around 10:40 a.m., according to the police, the school had been thoroughly searched.

Superintendent Marcelo Cavazos said school staff started reconciling pupils taking refuge inside the facility with their parents or guardians at 11 a.m.

He announced that there would be no classes on Tuesday and that counselors would be available to students and employees on Wednesday.

Anyone found guilty of capital murder in Texas may receive the death penalty. Charges that are brought after an arrest are not usually the same as those that prosecutors ultimately decide upon to prosecute in a case.

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