Syracuse Schools Respond To Haze From Canadian Wildfires, Restrict Outdoor Activities For Students

New York State’s Syracuse — Today, several school districts in Onondaga County have decided to cancel outdoor activities for students as a precautionary measure to keep children away from the smoky haze generated by wildfires in Canada.

Today, many school districts across New York State, including Syracuse city schools, Liverpool, North Syracuse, West Genesee, Jamesville-DeWitt, and Baldwinsville, will not allow students to participate in outdoor activities.

As per the officials, these modifications would include physical education sessions outside, wellness activities, and playground time.

The administrators said from those schools, North Syracuse schools decided their medical director, Dr. Robert Dracker of Liverpool, advised that it would be best for pupils to remain indoors today.

Syracuse Schools Respond To Haze From Canadian Wildfires, Restrict Outdoor Activities For Students

Most after-school sports have finished for the season, but most schools have decided to cancel any outdoor events after school.

For example, the varsity athletes in the J-D school system will practice indoors while the modified games and practices for athletics have been canceled.

Today at midday, Syracuse’s air quality was the worst anywhere in the state. Because smoke from wildfires in Quebec continues to move southward, an air quality advisory has been issued for the second day in a row for the region of upstate New York. shared a tweet about Syracuse’s air being the state’s most polluted right now:

The detector in East Syracuse found 172 micrograms per cubic meter of those tiny particles and other types of pollution.

Everyone is deemed at an “unhealthy” level at that concentration. In context, anything with a ppm level lower than 50 is considered “good.”

The smoke is expected to persist throughout the day, according to the weather agency.

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The state has issued a warning about the air quality for almost the entirety of the Upstate till midnight. The notice is for tiny particulates that have the potential to irritate the eyes and nose, as well as penetrate deeply into the lungs and bloodstream.

Over 10,000 acres of woodland and grassland have been lost due to the fires raging throughout Canada for the past month on the country’s coasts, from British Columbia and the western prairies to the Atlantic marine provinces.

Over 15,000 people were forced to leave their homes along the shore of Quebec. As of Monday, were still 160 fires active in the province of Quebec.

As of the latter part of the morning on Tuesday, the Opening Day Ceremonies for Carrier Park are still slated to take place at 5 o’clock.

Officials have stated that the Syracuse Challengers team and its players will decide on the post-ceremony game later.

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