Tad Devine Obituary: Completing high School In Van Nuys

On March 22, 2023, Timothy Andrew Devine, known as Tad by those who loved him, died quietly in his family’s arms at Newport Beach. Age-wise, he was 88.

Tad was born on November 26, 1934, in Los Angeles. Being the son of actor Andy Devine and Dorothy House Devine, Tad experienced a colorful upbringing on the family ranch, including horseback rides, hunts, tall tales, and trips to filming locations with his father.

Hearing about the courageous missions of the Flying Tigers, who frequently visited their family while on leave, was among his favorite experiences; this sparked Tad’s lifelong, covert desire to become a pilot.

Tad Devine Obituary

The next part of Tad’s life would be shaped by his skill as a swimmer. Tad, one of the youngest Santa Monica lifeguards at age 17, loved swimming in the open ocean and surfing.

His accomplishments allowed him to transfer from Van Nuys, where he finished high school, to Stanford University, where he competed nationally and set numerous swimming records, including qualifying for the 1956 Olympic Trials.

Tad was asked to compete for the US Surf Lifesaving Association, where he won his division despite almost missing out on the Olympics. Tad joined the US Navy Underwater Demolition Unit after graduating from Stanford.

Tad finished his navy career after rising to the rank of Lt. Commander, and he then traveled to Tahiti and the South Seas. Tad’s younger brother, Dennis, introduced him to Donna Starling when he arrived in California.

After getting hitched, they relocated to Newport Beach, where they had a family and Tad established a property management business. The house Tad and Donna bought on Irvine Terrace in 1965 was where they lived for all their years together.

Tad’s love of exploration gave meaning to his whole and content life. He always started a new hobby and loved his friends and family. He had a keen interest in the world and was a lifelong learner who could converse with anyone about anything.

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Tad was a member of numerous groups, including the Rancheros Vistadores, El Viaje de Portola, Order of Saint Hubertus, and the Bohemian Club of San Francisco. His extroverted demeanor attracted a large social circle.

He traversed the globe skiing, hunting, riding, sailing, and more. Recently, Tad reflected on his childhood fantasies of everything he’d like to undertake and expressed his gratitude for having had many of them come true. He is greatly missed.

In addition to his wife, Donna Starling Devine, and children Debra Devine Lee (Richard Lee) and Drew Devine, Tad is also survived by his brother Dennis Devine and niece Patricia Devine Karlin, as well as his grandchildren Timothy James (TJ) Morton, Margaret Morton, Ava Devine, and Andi Devine.

On Friday, March 31, at 2:00 p.m., there will be a private memorial service for Tad.

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