Teacher’s Response To A Large-scale School Brawl

LA BATON ROUGE – Officials at EBR Readiness, an alternative district school, are coming to terms with yesterday’s campus pandemonium.

Officials are still looking into how the 200-person brawl spiraled out of control.

One teacher requesting anonymity stated that she is taking a break due to stressful and risky circumstances.

“We told human resources that our school was unsafe because we are not staffed appropriately.”

They are working with a skeleton workforce, the teacher claims.

She claims that there were 40 students for every teacher at one point. Also, she claims that substitute teachers only work for a day before disappearing.

Teacher's Response To A Large-scale School Brawl

“It’s like waiting for a bomb to go off.”

Before yesterday’s altercation, preparations to lessen workloads were already in place, according to Chief of Schools Arcelius Brickhouse.

“We were in the process of starting to open new venues,” said Brickhouse.

Although our teacher thinks those discussions, which are still in their early stages, would not have stopped what happened, she adds that if there had been more staff on campus, things might not have spiraled out of hand as much.

“The school system was more than aware that we were having issues. They did not do anything to change the situation.”

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Parents’ and instructors’ worries are taken seriously, according to Brickhouse.

“We try to deal with students who make those poor decisions. We put consequences in place,” added Brickhouse.

According to Brickhouse, his office is still reviewing the fights.

The instructor claims she is prepared to return to the classroom once the appropriate safety precautions have been implemented.

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