Terrell High School Shooting Victim Identified, 16-Year-Old Cousin Charged With Homicide

According to Terrell police, a family conflict led to the shooting death of a high school junior. A 16-year-old boy has been charged with murd*ring his 17-year-old relative. According to Terrell police, their families have been feuding for some time.

Terrell police were called around 8:15 a.m. Wednesday to report a non-responsive youngster in a yard near Trailview and Town North Drive, roughly one mile from Terrel High School.

Damaria Jackson, 17, was arrested, according to police. He’d been shot to death. Terrell Deputy Chief Arly Sansom said the victim and suspect were cousins.

“We have the correct suspect in custody. He is a juvenile, so we won’t be releasing more information about him because of his age. But he is a male, and he has been charged with murder,” he explained. “There’s apparently been a feud between these two families for quite some time. It seemed to have escalated recently in the last few days. Both parties had filed counter-complaints against each other for threats of violence. As a result, this incident happened today.” 

Terrell High School Shooting Victim Identified, 16-Year-Old Cousin Charged With Homicide

The police would not say what the families were fighting about. Kourtney Radley, a neighbor, used to go to Terrell High School. She claims she recognized Jackson from seeing him in the school hallways.

“I saw him when I was there.” “I’ve seen him a couple of times,” she explained. “He was more of a quiet, like to himself, type of person.”

According to Sansom, a father who dropped his son off at school found Jackson and called them.

“He took his son to school, came back. Thought that guy’s still laying there. It doesn’t look right. So he attempted to make contact and discovered that he was in medical distress when he called the police,” he explained.

Authorities said the armed man was captured on a home surveillance video in the vicinity, which assisted them in determining his identity.

The 16-year-old, who is also a Terrell ISD student, was interviewed at the police station before being arrested and charged.

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