Uvalde Mayor Accuses District Attorney of Concealing School Shooting Evidence!

Mayor Don McLaughlin of Uvalde, Texas, has accused District Attorney Christina Mitchell of concealing evidence relating to the Robb Elementary School incident in 2022, which killed 19 students and two teachers.

Believe that Christina Mitchell, the District Attorney for the 38th Judicial District, has been involved in a cover-up regarding the City’s investigation into the Robb School tragedy.

McLaughlin stated that the city sued Mitchell last year because she refused to provide independent investigator Jesse Prado with the facts he needed about the shooting. Mitchell pledged to comply, but she failed, once again, to keep her word.

Uvalde Mayor Accuses District Attorney of Concealing School Shooting Evidence

We believe she is doing so because her Chief Investigator, Shayne Gilland, was onsite on May 24 at Robb School, and this taints her entire investigation into any possible criminal conduct by law enforcement. The city has now filed a lawsuit against Mitchell in order to obtain the evidence she claims she is hiding.

The police response to the Uvalde massacre sparked outrage after it was revealed that officers waited 77 minutes before entering the school to apprehend the shooter. The investigation of the reaction is still ongoing. I feel like the families and our community deserve answers.

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