Resignation Follows Sh00ting Incident: Virginia Teacher Shot By 6-Year-Old Student

Over two months after filing a $40 million lawsuit against the school district, the first-grade teacher in Virginia who her 6-year-old student shot has resigned, according to school officials.

Tuesday, Newport News Public Schools issued a statement stating that Abby Zwerner’s final day had already passed.

According to reports, Zwerner informed human resources in March that she wouldn’t return to instruct her class the following academic year.

On January 6, the 25-year-old teacher was injured while reading in her classroom. She sustained injuries to her hand and chest.

Resignation Follows Shooting Incident: Virginia Teacher Shot By 6-Year-Old Student

Zwerner told NBC that despite spending two weeks in the hospital and undergoing multiple surgeries, she still “can’t get up out of bed.”

Zwerner stated in her lawsuit that school administrators had neglected many warnings regarding the student’s aggressive behavior on the day of the incident, in addition to earlier rumors that he had acquired a p!stol.

WAVY-TV was the first to report about Zwerner’s departure on Tuesday. Her lawyer claimed that, rather than being a decision she made alone, she was fired during an interview with the station.

The Associated Press shared the tweet about Virginia Teacher Shot By a 6-Year-Old Student:

In an email Zwerner received from school administrators in May, it was stated that they had “processed a separation of employment for you effective the close of business 06/12/2023.” Attorney Jeffrey Breit detailed the communication.

“I don’t’ think you can read this any other way than you’ve been fired. And that’s what she thinks. She doesn’t understand it; there’s no other communication,” Breit added.

Newport News Public Schools denied the assertion. “Every employee who is separating from the school division receives a similar communication,”  district officials said.

They also sent emails from Zwerner to the district of schools, “I wish to resign. Thank you.”

Her $40 million lawsuit is still pending as of the right moment.

The authorities state the 6-year-old who shot Zwerner allegedly used his mother’s g*n in the incident.

Deja Taylor, his mother, admitted to consuming marijuana while possessing a firearm in federal court, which is against the law in the United States.

Taylor will go on trial in August on two counts of criminal child negligence and careless handg*n storage.

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