What Did Nathan Cruz Do? Cousin of Uvalde School Shooter Arrested for Threats of Mass Violence!

Nathan Cruz, the 17-year-old cousin of the Uvalde school shooter, was arrested on Monday for allegedly making terroristic threats. Cruz was arrested after his mother accused him of threatening to kill his sister in the head.

A family member allegedly claimed to have overheard Nathan Cruz discussing illegally obtaining a gun on the phone. According to court filings, Cruz reportedly told his sister that he would do the same as his cousin, Salvador Ramos.

In 2022, Salvador Ramos fatally murdered numerous pupils at Robb Elementary School. As a result of the horrific incident, seventeen pupils were injured.

Nathan Cruz Accused of Targeting Sister in Disturbing Incident

For the uninitiated, on May 24, 2022, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos opened fire at Uvalde’s Robb Elementary School. About 19 children and two teachers were ki!!ed in the shooting. On Monday, August 7, Ramos’ cousin Nathan Cruz was arrested after threatening to carry out shootouts like Ramos.

A family member overheard him trying “to acquire an AR-15 through an illegal private sale” and planning to “do the same thing” (mass shooting) at a local school. Cruz’s mother was worried because the school was closer to their home, and her son was drunk and on probation.

What Did Nathan Cruz Do?

According to San Antonio Police Sgt. Washington Moscoso:

“Here’s a case where somebody’s own family member was making threats. And this family member did the right thing, made the right choice, called the police.”

Jesse Rizo, whose niece was killed in the Uvalde shooting last year, remarked that Cruz must change his ways. Rizo also advised the public to be extra attentive, saying:

“You never know. You just can’t sit back and think that it’s never going to hit your house. Because one day, unfortunately, that child that you kissed goodbye, and you told him that you love them on the way to school, they may not be coming home that evening.”

Cruz Denied Making Any Such threats regarding Shooting

Nathan Cruz’s sister told cops she was afraid her brother would act on his thoughts, especially after what Ramos did last year. When questioned by detectives, Cruz, however, denied making any such threats.

Brett Cross, who lost his son, Uziyah Garcia, in the 2022 school massacre, recalled his family’s terrors last year.

“It’s hard enough as it is to send our remaining children to school because of, you know, reliving May 24, over and over. It’s frustrating. We got lucky this time that somebody was brave enough to say something,” Cross said.

KSAT investigated Nathan Cruz’s past, but no criminal charges were found against him. However, his relatives allegedly spoke with police and confirmed he was on probation. It is possible that he was charged when he was a minor.

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