What Happened To Solenne Thornon? The Untold Story Behind His Death!

Solaine Thornton was reportedly killed while playing on a swing in the garden of her home in Saint-Herbot, a town near the city of Quimper in Brittany, On Saturday evening.

France 3, her father, Adrian Thornton, is in serious condition, while her mother, Rachael Thornton, is in stable condition. Celeste Thornton, Solaine’s eight-year-old sister, managed to flee and raise the alarm, but she was still in shock. In this article, we can read about what happened to solenne thornon in detail.

What Happened To Solenne Thornon?

Solaine Thornton, an 11-year-old British girl who was shot dead while swinging in her garden in France, has been identified.

An administrative assistant at Plonévez-du-Faou, the family’s hamlet’s town hall, told The Oldham Times that Adrian and Rachael Thornton were born in Oldham, while Solaine and Celeste were born in France.

Mr and Mrs Thornton were born in Oldham, Great Britain, stated Guillo Régine, an administrative assistant at the town hall. They’ve been with us for about five years and were already in France before they came. The babies were born in France.

What Happened To Solenne Thornon?

Adrian Thornton is 53, Rachael Thornton is 49, Solaine is 11 years old, and Celeste is eight years old. Guillo Régine stated that the town hall’s records did not include Mr and Mrs Thornton’s full UK address. The family is receiving aid from the Foreign Office.

Prosecutors believe Solaine Thornton was shot dead in her yard in France after her father’s maintenance on some hedges sparked a long-running feud.

An employee at her school stated that her family had recently obtained passports in order to visit family in the United Kingdom this summer.

We are providing consular assistance to a British family following a shooting in France and are in contact with the local authorities. The suspect, a 71-year-old Dutch national, has been arrested. The state prosecutor in Quimper, when police came, the infant was dead and her father was gravely injured.

Ms. Halley stated that he was transported to the hospital in critical condition and that preliminary evidence indicates that the suspect suddenly emerged armed with a gun and fired several times at the victims He is then said to have locked himself in his residence with his wife.

What Happened To Solenne Thornon?

The Intervention Group of the National Gendarmerie tactical squad was sent to the site, and a negotiator persuaded the neighbor and his wife to surrender before they were arrested.

The younger youngster sounded the alarm, going to neighbors and screaming, My sister is dead, my sister is dead. The family of four has been in their current residence for around four or five years, and the two girls were born in France.

Mayor of the neighboring village of Plonevez-du-Faou, the family was well-known and attended the village fete.

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