Wyandotte School Board Appoints Interim Superintendent After Unexpected Resignation

MI – WYANDOTTE – The School District of the City of Wyandotte will soon have a new leader. The members of the school board voted in unison. This comes after last week’s departure of the previous superintendent.

The newly elected person can anticipate dealing with various issues, most notably angry locals and parents over an antenna on top of Washington Elementary School.

The Wyandotte School Board selected Dr. Carla Harting to fill the position following Catherine Cost’s resignation. As the city’s superintendent from 2011 to 2014, Dr. Harting is experienced.

She continued, mentioning the last administration,  “I plan to work closely with the board of education, staff members, parents, and community members to ensure that our students continue to receive a high-quality education.” 

Wyandotte School Board Appoints Interim Superintendent After Unexpected Resignation

Harting will occupy the position until a total replacement is identified. She will receive a daily per diem of $616 for the job.

Parents and locals hailed Dr. Harting’s selection and praised the decision. They continue to concentrate on the T-Mobile antenna, though.

“I urge you to continue putting the pressure on our kids, our time is ticking and we need to decide what to do for the next school year. I know contracts and legalities are complicated but time isn’t on our side,” A worried father addressed the board.

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The antenna is not in use. T-Mobile has said they want to activate it following the conclusion of the current academic year in June.

Parents badgered board members during Tuesday’s meeting to learn the progress of T-proposal mobiles to figure out how much it would cost to remove the antenna and relocate it elsewhere in the city.

The board president claims that legal counsel has urged them not to address the matter.

One member added that angry residents and parents should think about suing T-Mobile in his or her remarks to the group. Many people said, “Those talks are happening,” in response.

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