Young Girl Thwarts Teenager’s Attempted Kidnapping At Utah School, Officials Report

According to Utah school officials, a 16-year-old accused of attempting to kidnap a third grader outside an elementary school has been arrested.

On April 6, there was an “assault and attempted kidnapping event,” according to a post on the Granite School District’s Facebook page. This incident took place at Whittier Elementary School in West Valley City.

According to Fox 13, the third-grader was waiting for her elder sister with her mother just before 4 p.m.

“The mother asked her daughter to go to the front of the building to make sure the older sibling knew they were waiting in the back of the school,” the news outlet reported.

Young Girl Thwarts Teenager's Attempted Kidnapping At Utah School, Officials Report

According to Fox 13, a kid grabbed her when the girl made her way to the front of the school.

The third-grader was then taken away by the teenager, according to ABC4. According to the news source, she struggled and yelled until school personnel heard her and came to the scene.

According to WSAZ, once the event was captured on film, the police received multiple tips from the general public. The 16-year-old was taken into custody by law authorities on April 8,

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Fox 13 states he attends a “non-traditional program” and follows the Granite School District. In accordance with the news source, he also resides close to the elementary school.

A Granite School District representative did not answer McClatchy News’s inquiry for comment.
According to Fox 13, the third-grader did not sustain any injuries.

Screenshots of principal Jennifer Bodell’s email were posted on Facebook by a parent of a student at the elementary school.

“I am so grateful today that the student is safe and with her family,” the email says, according to the picture Delsey Cox posted. “I am so glad that one of our employees heard her screams and was able to assist her.” West Valley City is a suburb of Salt Lake City.

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