Young Softball Player Stαbbed Multiple Times By Ex-Partner Outside Florida Restaurant, Officials Report

Authorities claim that the teen’s ex-boyfriend savagely attαcked a Florida high school softball player and her mother as they fled a restaurant to evade him.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office described the stαbbing as a “targeted attack” on Saturday afternoon in the Ponte Vedra Beach parking lot of a Mr. Chubby’s Wings restaurant.

An arrest document states that the teen, Madison Schemitz, was dining at the establishment with her mother, Jacki Roge, and friends when they noticed the ex-boyfriend close.

A family member has stated that Roge was working on getting a restraining order against her daughter’s ex, Spencer Ross Pearson, according to NBC affiliate WTLV of Jacksonville. The affidavit states that he started to “follow and harass” the girl in April.

Young Softball Player Stabbed Multiple Times By Ex-Partner Outside Florida Restaurant, Officials Report

Deputies have reported that Schemitz, 17, and her mother left the restaurant to evade Pearson, 18. A short while later, the juvenile victim’s mother and she were observed “charging towards the juvenile victim as they walked toward their vehicle,” The affidavit states.

One of the victims reportedly told detectives that Pearson stαbbed Schemitz 15 times while holding her with one arm.

The complaint alleges that Pearson stαbbed her in the face and a leg when her mother tried to step in.

The paper reports that he also attαcked a bystander who rushed to assist Schemitz and her mother.

NBC News Tweeted the same incident on its official Twitter Handle:

The affidavit reveals that Pearson started “cutting his own throat” and informed witnesses he was trying to k!ll himself before the bystander could “dislodge” him.

The suspect, Schemitz, was admitted to the hospital along with the victims, who all had “life-threatening injuries,” The report indicates.

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Schemitz was identified as a rising senior at Ponte Vedra High School, a top athlete, and the sister of five siblings on a page set up to raise money for the family’s medical expenses.

The campaign asserts that she was listed as having a “long road to recovery” at Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville and is in serious condition.

“Madison has 2 chest tubes and a spinal cord injury but she’s a fighter, just please continue praying for her,”  Roge stated in a report.

“I am about to go into surgery, my muscles were severed from the bone on my hand,” she said.

On Tuesday, nothing was known about the spectator.

Pearson was accused of aggravated violence with a deαdly weapon and two counts of attempted premeditated mu*der.

He received an arrest warrant in the hospital, where he remained on Tuesday. The warranty stated that he was forbidden from speaking to the victims or holding any weapons, and it also said that he had to wear a GPS monitor.

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