National Collection Have Started To Exhibit New Military Arts

The selection process of the new works was carried out with the vision of filling the possible gaps that the National Collection could have and after an indepth analysis of the pieces and authors that make up its seven subcollections furniture and objects painting and sculpture works on paper textiles carvings of saints popular arts and military artefact’s.

This flow of artistic heritage configured under the vision of the artist Ricardo Alegría Gallardo and safeguarded by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture since its foundation in 1955 brings together more than 40000 objects of our cultural heritage

Muestra Legado seeks to make accessible the current plastic production on the Island and in the diaspora in convergence with the emblematic works of the Collection Meanwhile the Headquarters Gallery is a space for everyone to enjoy regardless of our closeness to the arts and culture Together they present an invitation to expand our imagination and arouse amazement for the works and artists in our Collection to find ourselves as individuals in our history added Caragol

The National Collection of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture contains the most extensive sample of the cultural treasure of Puerto Rico and is made up of multiple artistic and cultural manifestations A large number of the works in this collection have become icons of Puerto Rican art since they are core pieces that narrate the memory of the country from the 16th century to the present day

Legacy Show will have a virtual format that can be enjoyed through the Google Arts Culture platform opening of this new gallery marks the beginning of the first phase of La Sede a project that seeks to transform the ICP headquarters into a space for the consumption and creation of art and culture.

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