Four Chimpanzees Tried To Escape The Gym Enclosure

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Four chimpanzees at liberty from their enclosure in a very Swedish menagerie and roamed freely before being captured and euthanized on Wed in keeping with Swedish media.

Annika Troselius, press voice for the cluster that operates the Furuvik menagerie, told the Expressen daily that the animals had to be euthanized as a result of there wasn’t enough ataractic drug for all of them.

She aforementioned that the chimpanzees square measure sturdy and dangerous animals and therefore the zoo’s main focus “is that no human gets hurt.”

Troselius told Swedish radio that a fifth pongid is believed to own left its enclosure, tho’ there have been no different immediate details. In a message announce on its web site, the menagerie confirmed that a “number of chimpanzees” had at liberty.

Chimpanzees have been euthanized after escaping from research facilities in the United States. The incidents have raised concerns about the safety of the chimpanzees, who are often used in research trials.

Chimpanzees have been escaped from zoos around the world, but this is the first time an escape has been reported from a Belgian zoo. The Chimpanzee Unit at the zoo in Ghent, Belgium, is currently investigating the escape and is working with the French zoo in Bordeaux to try and find the chimpanzees’ source.

If you have seen any chimpanzees in the wild that you think may have escaped from their zoo home, please contact the Belgian zoo at (9) 20 90 90 90 or the French zoo at (9) 43 45 45.

“Safety is that the most significant factor for U.S., however these also are animals that we have a tendency to care regarding greatly,” the statement aforementioned. It was unclear however the mammals were ready to escape their enclosure.

The Furuvik menagerie is found close to Gavle, a hundred miles north of capital of Sweden, and had seven chimpanzees. it’s a part of Associate in Nursing park. in keeping with the park’s website, it’s additionally the sole primate analysis station within the Nordic countries.

The menagerie created headlines in 2009 once one among its chimps — named Santino — sedately collected a stash of rocks so hurled them at menagerie guests. A study supported the animal later confirmed that apes will set up ahead similar to humans.

In 2016, a pongid splendidly created a daring escape a menagerie in Japan before it had been shot with a ataractic drug. Even once being hit, the Pan troglodytes tried to flee, support from an influence line. He finally gave up and fell head down into a blanket control by a dozen staff on the bottom.

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