Whitmer High School Sh00ting Suspect Arrested in Texas!

A 22-year-old man faces charges, including felony assault, concerning a gunshot at Whitmer High School in October 2022 that injured three people.

According to a news release from the Toledo Police Department, Jaron Phillips was arrested Monday afternoon in Houston, Texas, on two warrants, including Improper Handling of a Firearm and Failure to Comply. Phillips now faces the following new charges:

  • Three counts of Felonious Assault in the Whitmer High School sh00ting on Oct. 7, 2022
  • One count of Aggravated M*rder in the homicide of Johnathan Coleman on Oct. 6, 2022
  • Two counts of Attempted M*rder in the drive-by sh00ting that resulted in Coleman’s homicide

Phillips will face more charges if he is indicted, according to authorities. He will be extradited to Toledo by law enforcement.

During a high school football game, the Whitmer sh00ting injured three individuals and shook the neighborhood.

Whitmer High School Sh00ting Suspect Arrested in Texas!

The incident occurred at approximately 9:50 p.m. during the fourth quarter of the football game, with 6:51 remaining on the clock.

More than 12 gunshots were heard near the main entrance in the stadium’s southwest corner, prompting people in the stands and on the field to take shelter and flee in the opposite direction of the sh00ting.

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Phillips is also charged with ki!!ing Coleman in a drive-by gunshot on Oct. 6, which police described as a premeditated m*rder that culminated in Coleman’s deαth on Oct. 15. Phillips is charged with two counts of attempted m*rder in connection with the same gunshot in which the other two passengers escaped unharmed. Andre Jackson, 31, is accused of m*rder as a second suspect in Coleman’s deαth.

Washington Local Schools applauded law police for their efforts in locating suspects in the event in a Facebook post.

“This arrest means that there will be accountability for the deplorable act that disrupted the lives of our students, staff, their families, and our community,” school officials stated. “We are grateful for the efforts of so many who aided in this outcome, including our outstanding school resource officers, who not only offered assistance in the case, but also provided immeasurable support and security to our students.”

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