Riverbend High School Fight
Riverbend High School Fight

Riverbend High School Fight Causes Concern Online

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Reddit user DigitalDemon021 shared a video of a fight at Riverbend High School in Spotsylvania, Virginia, on January 17; the war may have paralyzed a youngster.

Video of the event depicts numerous teenagers fighting in Riverbend High School’s corridor. Two young guys wearing tracksuits and dark coats can be seen punching each other at one point before one of the pupils takes up the other and throws him to the ground.

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The tossed student is shown lying still after the slam while the other teenagers brawl around him. Adults can eventually be seen arriving and attempting to assist the teenager as teachers work to break up fights among the other kids.

Regarding the incident, Riverbend High School has not issued a formal statement. The boys’ identities, including the ones who lost consciousness after the slam, are kept a secret.

Riverbend High School Fight
Riverbend High School Fight

Many online users pointed out that the adolescent who was slammed in the fight’s video appeared to be having a seizure in response to the video, which has since gone viral.

Given the allegations that fighting was commonplace at the high school, many online users felt sorry for the teachers who were allegedly required to break up fights frequently. The teachers trying to stop the teens were described as being in their middle years, with one woman looking to be older.

Although the student’s condition is still unknown from the video, Reddit user RosesSpins speculated that he might have suffered a severe head injury based on his body position. Keep an eye on us for more information like this, The Express.

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