Bear Sightings In Arlington Prompt School Start Delay

ARLINGTON – Due to bear sightings in the area, Arlington public schools postponed the start of classes by one hour on Monday.

Police announced just before 6 a.m. that they were investigating a “possible black bear sighting” near Scituate Street and Spring Avenue.

They said the bear was last seen “in the area of Paul Revere Rd and Park Ave” about an hour later.

Bear Sightings In Arlington Prompt School Start Delay

“Please use caution & report any sightings immediately,” the cops tweeted.

Elizabeth Homan, the superintendent of Arlington schools, informed staff members and families about the delay a little while later.

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“The town is working on sending a shelter in place message now. Residents should stay inside until further information is available,” Homan stated.

“Please be watchful for updates over the next few hours. If you receive no further updates, elementary schools will start at 9am and Gibbs, OMS and AHS will start at 9:30 am.”

On Sunday, a black bear was spotted in Newton Highlands, close to Cold Spring Park. If this bear is the same one, that is unknown.

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