Former DOE Official Blasted “Hypocrite” For Advocating Public Schools While Taking Her Kids To Private School

Diane Ravitch, a former employee of the Department of Education, received criticism for her hypocrisy after praising public schools while sending her children to a private institution.

“The local public school is the most excellent option. All are welcome there. It unites the neighborhood. It serves as democracy’s adhesive. “During the George H.W. Bush administration, assistant secretary of education Diane Ravitch said.

According to Ravitch’s website, she worked as a research professor of education and educational historian at New York University from 1995 to 2020. She currently maintains an education-related blog.

Additionally, Pushaw shared a screenshot of Ravitch’s blog’s “about” page, which revealed that she enrolled her two sons in private schools in New York City.

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“I bought it. I didn’t ask the taxpayers to cover my personal decision, “Ravitch replied. Corey DeAngelis, a senior fellow at the American Federation for Children, also criticized Ravitch in a widely shared tweet.

DeAngelis tweeted the same screenshot of Ravitch’s tweet along with the statement, “She sent her kids to private school.” Later, DeAngelis claimed Ravitch had blocked him on Twitter.

Diane Ravitch, according to a remark DeAngelis left on Fox News Digital, “is one of the greatest school choice hypocrites out there.” “She advocated against others’ school choices while sending her children to a private school. I’m happy her family had that chance. She shouldn’t, however, seek to keep other people’s children in inadequate public schools, “said DeAngelis.

“Why did Ravitch send her children to a private school if she truly believes that public schools are the “best option”? She appears to be saying that, while failing government schools are the best option for everyone else’s children, they are not the best option for her children.”

Former DOE Official

He went on, “Giving parents a choice to divert their children’s education funds to other institutions shouldn’t cause the government schools any concern if they truly are the “best alternative.” The issue is that they are aware that Ravitch frequently lies when making her claims. I mean, she attended private schools for her children. She is also aware that it is a falsehood.”

Several states have approved significant school choice legislation in recent months. Most recently, Utah created the “Utah Fits All Scholarship Program” to pay for “recognized education products and services” beginning with the 2024–2025 school year on behalf of all Utah K–12 students.

Following closely following Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, who signed a similar bill last week, Utah became the second state to mark a significant school choice bill this year.

The Students First Act, an unprecedented school choice law, was signed by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds on Tuesday, enabling any Iowa student to utilize public funds to cover private school tuition or other costs.

Arizona passed education scholarship accounts last year, making it the first state in the country to do so, bringing the program to its 1.1 million K–12 students.

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