Teenager Hit By Tractor-Trailer After Disembarking School Bus In Gray

GRAY, Maine – After stepping off his school bus in Maine, a young kid of 13 years old was struck by a tractor-trailer, which caused him to sustain significant injuries as per the authorities.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, the incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon at approximately 2:30 p.m. while the youngster was crossing in front of the bus on Route 100.

It was stated that a tractor-trailer came around the bend but did not come to a complete stop in time.

Teenager Hit By Tractor-Trailer After Disembarking School Bus In Gray

The woman who claims to have heard the sound of breaking and then honking from what she believes to have been the school bus says she knows the young person who was struck.

When she spotted the boy lying on the ground, she immediately assumed he had passed away.

The 13-year-old boy was only partially aware when deputies arrived on the scene. He was in critical condition when he arrived at the hospital, where he was treated.

Recently, CBS 13 News shared a Tweet related to the official statement:

“It’s heartbreaking,”  Patty Watson, who lives just a few doors down from where the collision occurred, made this statement. “Cars on Route 100 do not stop for buses.”

Sheriff Kevin Joyce said both the stop sign arm and the lights on the school bus were activated at the time of the collision.

“Obviously, the driver of the bus is very shaken up,” he stated.

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Law enforcement will determine how fast the truck was traveling, while the Maine State Police will investigate whether or not the equipment was functioning correctly and whether or not the inspection of the car met the required standards.

“They’ll be evaluating the vehicle, and we’ll be evaluating what’s left of the evidence, the skid marks, etc.,” said Joyce.

Joyce claims that in addition to them, 17 other children were riding on the bus at the time. Those pupils were transported back to the campuses of the middle and high schools, where guidance counselors and parents were already waiting for them.

On one side of Route 100, there is a sign pointing traffic toward the approaching bus stop. On the other hand, there is no warning sign pointing in the direction that the tractor-trailer was traveling.

The vehicle is registered to Bard Trucking in Farmington, which did not wish to comment.

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